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"Together we can make a better world!"
Promoting creative coexistence in multicultural societies
1-9 July 2009

Civic Engagement Movement has organized a Training Project called "Together we can make a better world" Promoting creative coexistence in multicultural societies. The overall aim of the project was to promote the peaceful and tolerant coexistence within multicultural communities through a better understanding of inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts and empower young people working in NGO's to strengthen their multicultural understanding, develop strong empathy and solidarity which can become a strong tool in conflict management. The training promoted conflict management, tolerance as well as mutual respect in multicultural environments and encouraged the creative cooperation among young people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, developed communication and conflict management skills in order to implement conflict management projects.
The training project provided basic applicable knowledge for the conduction of conflict management projects necessary for creative coexistence among people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, this experience, hopefully has helped young people from different countries in broadening their knowledge of each other and their different cultures, habits, ways of defining and solving conflicts.
The Training was be held in Romania, in two locations, Sovata and Tirgu Mures, the activities were organized in July 2009.There were be 24 participants (4 participant from each country) coming from Moldova Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Latvia, Slovakia and Romania.

The course methodology comprised elements and techniques developed on the principles and practice of non-formal education, taking into account the participants needs, motivations and previous experiences. There were used different approaches for group dynamics, the participants have work in mixed groups. The training modules were learner - centered and based on the experiences of participants and the principle of mutual learning, taking into consideration the personal responsibility for learning, supported by a strong group dimension and a collective approach that enabled participants to apply and transfer into their work practice what they have learnt. 


"Listen to our voice"
Implementation of a structured dialogue between policy makers and youth NGOs' dealing with young persons with fewer opportunities

15-18 October 2009

The Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) has organized a 3-day long (15-18 October 2009) in advocacy.  The participants at the training had the chance to deepen their knowledge in advocacy and relating areas, they  have familiarized with those modern communication tools that are of vital importance during advocacy acmpaigns

The project called "Listen to our voice" has brought together representatives of youth NGO's from three counties of Romania (Mures, Harghita and Covasna) and those responsible for the design and implementation and the National Youth Policies (working on regional as well as national level) in order to implement a Structured Dialogue The youth NGO's involved in the present project were exclusively NGO's dealing with young persons facing social obstacles, economic obstacles, disability, educational difficulties, cultural differences, health problems and geographical obstacles.

Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) has chosen to implement this project in order to bring together representatives of the marginalized and vulnerable groups, with those responsible for the country's youth policy, in order to raise awareness on the importance of the creation and implementation of an integrated, diverse youth policy that includes all and provides equal opportunities to all young people.  Local and national representatives of the Romanian Youth Policy were present at the training, as Kakassy Blanka (Youth Directorate Mures County) and Csedő Zsófia (Youth Directorate Harghita County)

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