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The "clamour-trees" were a traditional way to signal the upcoming danger in Transylvania: a burning tree on the top of the hill, which could have been noticed in the surrounding villages. With the help of the clamour-trees people had the chance to prepare for the upcoming dangers and to make the necessary steps in order to parry them. 
The Civic Engagement Movement (CEMO) intended to set up a contemporary electronic "clamour-tree" that would signal: our language, the structure bearing stanchion of our identity is in danger.  Our goal is not only to signal but also to encourage for action.  The CEMO considers that the use of the Hungarian language has totally vanished from the public and official sphere and we are using it almost exclusively in our private sphere, in family and among friends. However, Romania has signed and ratified all those international documents that protect minorities and encourage the use of minority languages in official settings. But the reality is much different than legal resolutions would predict it. The walls of  "multicultural" schools, where Romanian and Hungarian children study together, posters, safety inscriptions figure only in Romanian language, office routines in local administrative institutions can be arranged only in Romanian language, services and facilities are totally monolingual.
We consider that our task wouldn't be more than living with those opportunities that are guaranteed for us but law (Local Administration Act No. 2001/215 regarding public institutions, the Constitution, and by the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ratified by Romania through the Act No. 2007/282 etc.), otherwise we will remain only powerless bystanders of this process.
We hope that that person will join the "clamour-tree" group, who has an opinion in this issue and is ready to act for changing the present situation.

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