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Illegal school-naming experiment in Marosvásárhely
December 2008

On December 23, 2008, Marosvásárhely City Council motioned and then decided to rename the Folklore School of Marosvásárhely to the name of "Virginia Zeani".  This, despite of the fact that by law only to the County Council has the right to make such a decision given that this school falls within the jurisdiction of the County Council.  Regarding this issue CEMO wrote an open letter to the Prefect of the City, asking to void the City Council's decision.
Virginia Zeani was indeed born in Maros County; however, her persona had no bearing to the intellectual and cultural life and identity of Marosvásárhely.  The opera singer spent only her childhood in the village Görgényoroszfalu of Maros County.
The renaming of the school to the name of Virginia Zeani did not happen.  .

Christmas and New Year Illumination in Marosvásárhely
December 2008

In 2008 the leadership of Marosvásárhely omitted to display a Hungarian "Happy New Year" banner in front of the Mayor's Office, an important place of the town. Member of CEMO think that in a city where Hungarian and Romanian people form almost equal portion of the total inhabitants, both languages should be present on the lingual landscape of the city.
CEMO has composed the following open letter related to this issue, and addressed it to the Mayor of Marosvásárhely.
The official in charge of the media relations accused our members with vision dysfunction and recommended us a dose of vitamin A, asserting that the Hungarian version banner of the "Happy New Year"  is found across the street from the mayor's office.
Our organization proved the opposite with a photo. As the official in charge of media relations finally admitted, the banner in Hungarian language was put -- almost "smuggled"-- on the façade of the building across the Mayor's office during the dark of the night, as the result of our open letter.

The situation of the Hungarian language in schools
November 2008

In November 2008 we held a meeting with employees of educational institutions in the Teleki Education Center, in Szováta, about the written and spoken usage of the Hungarian language and the lack of bilingual aspects of schools. We presented the respective laws, which was followed by a discussion and analysis of the difficulties that obstruct the law's implementation. The meeting was concluded with concrete plans and strategies, the participants being reinforced that personal responsibility, extra effort and sometimes sacrifice is also inevitable for the strengthening and growth of the community.

Strengthening the identity in schools of Maros County
November 2008

In November 2008, members of CEMO held a workshop to which Hungarian teachers were invited. The subject of discussion was the state of the Hungarian-language education in Maros County, the lack of bilingualism related to the schools' image, and the lack of bilingualism in administration of schools. The meeting concluded with concrete strategies and plans, whose implementation will enable the educational institutions of Maros County to really become bilingual.
The PowerPoint demonstration can be seen here.

"Discover the Maros valley!" Only in Romanian...?
August 2008

As part of the Bilingualism Program CEMO monitorized the linguistic landscape of a festival organized in 2008 for promoting the Maros Valley, titled "Discover the Maros valley". The work was not overly complex, since the Hungarian inscriptions were completely missing from the linguistic image of the festival.
The open letter below was addressed to the chairman of Maros County Council as a reaction.

Questioning Open Letters
May 2008
In May 2008 as part of the Bilingiual Program, CEMO wrote open letters to Hungarian city council members, to the prefect of Maros County, Ciprian Dobre, to Hungarian officials, civil servants and counselors.

March 15th in Marosvásárhely
15 March 2008

In 2008, during the March 15th commemoration held in Postarét  square, in Marosvásárhely CEMO has shown a transparent calling for "Bilingualism in Marosvásárhely" and showing some existing good examples in street signs.
Members of CEMO distributed a quiz of 10 questions among the March 15th memorial participants, with the intention to draw the public attention, and also to raise consciousness. The objective of our action was to shed light upon the big deficiencies of the city's bilingualism, and to help the citizen's realize, that obtaining bilingualism is our common task and duty. The questions on the quiz draw attention to the Romanian ratification of international dispositions, charters and directives, and are related to those areas of everyday life, where the laws allow the usage of minority languages.
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